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You will need Java installed on your PC to run JIPXt. Java is nowadays installed on all OS and therefore this may not be a problem. If you need Java or want to know if java is installed on you machine go to

There are three ways to run JIPXt:
  • Graphical versions are full stand alone software. you can run this software alone. Configure it to suit your profile and leave it to run or dock it on system tray.

  • The console version is also a full stand alone version. You can run the console as a stand alone version.

  • Service version. allows you to run as windows service or linux crontab or any other service in any OS. If you decide to run as a service you must first use the GUI or console version to configure the software to suite your profile. Then close it and run the service version .

    Another way is the Task version. This is similar to the service version only that, the task version has no auto timer. You have to use your system task schedular to run it. Example like windows task manager, unix cron

  Older Versions 1.x click here

All Downloads, installation guide


CURRENT VERSION 2.0.1 JUNE 2013 - install guide


The program will change from standard version to free (personal) version after 60 days

JIPXt for windows

  • Console or command line version

MacJIPXt for Mac

  • Console or command line version

LinuxJIPXt for linux

  • Console or command line version

allOSJIPXt all OS

  • Console or command line version



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