June 10th, 2013


  January 8, 2013
JIPXt 2.0 Released!. The long awaiting next .
  January 1, 2013
New Home page design. More robust and easy to navigate.
  December 28, 2012
JIPXt reach release candidate 4.


Welcome to Bashiro Soft



We are interested in smart network software. That is why we created JIPXt client softwar for your flexibility and therefore search no more for client update software.

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Free version

Yes do not worry you can also use it for free (personal). You can only register one active domain with the free version.

The sponsored or registered version has no limitations.


What is JIPXt Client Software

If you want to host your own website right from your home or from anywhere, you need a DNS service provider. Then since your IP address changes from time to time. JIPXt is there to update your IP at the DNS service provider. This means you do not have to worry iwhen your IP changes.


Supported DNS Providers

These DNS services are supported at the moment: Dyndns.com, Changeip.com, dnsmadeeasy.com, regfish.de, dtdns.com, dnspark.com. NEW:- no-ip.com

If you have any service provider you would like us to add, do not hesitate to contact us.

Go to forum to get answers and solutions
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You can contact us through email or use the online support form. We answer your mail or request within 24 hours.

We prioritize sponsored, or paid users first. Free useres may experience som delays.
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