Standard version
Registration to use the standard version is 14.99 USD

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  Personal version is free
You can only register one domain since it's for personal usage.

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JIPXt has now two versions



Standard version (14.99 USD)

The standard version contains all the necessary utilities you need to keed your domain up and running. You can register unlimited domains. Schedule for monthly updates, receive email notifications about what is happeninge etc.


Personal version (Free)

With the free version you can only register one doain. You just download JIPXt and this will change to personal after 60 days unless you register to use as standard version.We assume that not everybody needs all the bells and whistles. For personal use one may need only one domain to keep going. Yet you can receive email notifications when something goes wrong.



Version 2.x

The software has the following three types of features:

  1. JIPXt Graphical user interface
  2. JIPXt Console
  3. JIPXt service (to run as a service or daemon)

Version 1.x

Here is the link to version 1.x

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